Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Karyn Polito Comes to Everett


Candidate for Lt. Governor, Karyn Polito was in Everett last Thursday, touring the downtown business area with Everett City Councillor Rosa Di Florio. Polito, a Republican, is running alongside Charlie Baker as a ticket in the upcoming gubernatorial election. Throughout the campaign, Polito plans to tour towns across the Commonwealth to meet and learn about residents.

The Advocate caught up with Polito at her third stop, Abbondanza Ristorante on 193 Main Street.

“The purpose of my visit today is to gain a better appreciation of the challenges that small businesses have, the hard work that they put forward to continue to stay in business and how we as a State partner can help businesses like these grow and create more jobs and opportunities for people,” she said.

Polito started her public service as selectmen in Shrewsbury in the Worcester area, is a small business owner herself. She said that Massachusetts was ranked number three in the list of the hardest states to grow a small business.

“It’s rated as a D+ for small business unfriendliness,” Polito remarked. “I understand that we need lower regulation, lower taxes and allow businesses to be able to work and benefit from their hard work. So State government needs to appreciate small businesses and support them and not make it harder for them to start up and grow.”

Besides Abbondanza Ristorante, Di Florio and Polito also visited Lilly’s Pasta and Everett Carpet Cleaning Co.

“The taxes are a main concern for everybody,” said Di Florio in a phone interview. “So I wanted her to see how hard people actually work… Everett Carpet has been in business for over a hundred years. Lilly’s Pasta, she started it about 25 years ago and it has grown tremendously a – woman, on her own – bringing the business to that level. And Abbondonza started as a little fish market and the business is thriving.”

Di Florio, a registered Democrat, stated that she planned to cast her vote for Polito this fall.

“I’m voting for the person that’s going to do the right thing for Massachusetts,” Di Florio said. “I believe that Karyn as Lt. Governor will do an excellent job. They get it; they know we’re not bringing any growth to Massachusetts, that people don’t have jobs. Of all the candidates, I believe they’re the only ones that really want to fix Massachusetts. It’s not about Democrat or Republican anymore, it’s about getting Massachusetts back on track.”

There is no incumbent Lt. Governor at present. The previous Lt. Governor Tim Murry, who ran alongside Governor Deval Patrick, resigned in 2013.


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